Kanji: -
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Others: Gurdian
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: High School Student
School Gurdian
Debut (Manga): Chapter 25

Aizawa is the school guardian of Saotome High School, even though he didn't want to be, he eventually takes on the role. Ginga considers him a friend, but he finds her annoying.

Appearance Edit

Despite, being a first year high school student Aizawa has the face of a old man, which had Ginga mistake him for a teacher. His face is customary seen in a angry unhappy scowl or confusion from the crazy events around him.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Since his years in Middle School Aizawa has been a delinquent. Upon graduating Middle School he refused an offer to join a Yakuza deciding to go to High School.[1] He chose to go to High School, because he wanted to fight the strongest fighter.

Plot Edit

Aizawa is a delinquent and a first year at Saotome High. He enjoys fighting, so the first thing he did was try to challange the strongest person in the school. Ginga, who at first mistakes him for a teacher brings him to Hino, not knowing he wanted the strongest "male fighter", and accidentely becomes the new school guradian.[2]

He then threatens Kosukegawka into telling him who brings him Ozuma from the Judo Club. He struggles at first, but gains the upperhand when he isn't playing by the rules of Judo. A masked Mikiri then challanges Aizawa after he beats his opponent. Ginga volunteers to take his place saying Aizawa shouldn't fight two opponents in a row. He is confused by the brutality that these girls fight.

He comes in terms in his duty as the school's guardian when he defends the school from delinquents Sora hired.

Combat Abilities Edit

Aizawa is a street fighter who learned to fight using his fists and no strategy. He mentors under Hino, who teaches him Aikido, after mistaking that he wanted to catch up with Ginga. Aizawa has somewhat of a crush on Hino.

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