Asagi Gettou
Kanji: 月斗 浅葱
Romaji: Gettou Asagi
Gender: Female
Debut (Manga):
Motoko Gettou (Daughter)

Sakura Gettou (Mother)

Asagi Gettou (月斗 浅葱, Gettou Asagi) is the deceased mother of Motoko Gettou.


Before giving birth to Motoko Gettou, Asagi was a spy.[1] She was acquanited with all three of Motoko's fathers. According to Kannami, Motoko's biological father is, Tatsuya Rukawa. Possibly, indicating she and Tatsuya once had a deeper relationship. Once she learned she was pregnant with Motoko, Asgai quit her job and cut ties with her family business, run by her mother, Sakura Gettou. Asagi loved her daughter, but had to work all the time, which caused Motoko great resentment. One day, Asagi broke her promise to go with Motoko to her sports festival at school. Out of anger, Motoko wished her mother would die. Just at that time, a truck carrying metal beams fell on Asagi in front of Motoko. Even though it was wishful thinking, Motoko experienced considerable emotional trauma, because she thought she caused her mother's death. This caused the creation Zero, the representation of all of Motoko's repressed anger.

Later, after Zero took over Hibiki, she recovered the repressed memory of her mother's death.

Combat Abilities Edit

Asagi was a capable fighter and was very good at gathering information (often finding it on a "hunch").[2] She has worked with all of Motoko's "fathers" at some point in time.

References Edit

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