Gada Island resides in the Solomon Islands and is home to the infamous Gigi Tribe.[1]

Climate Edit

The Gigi TribeEdit

The Gigi Tribe are islanders who are untouched by time and don't rely on the use of technology. Even, so they are open minded people letting simple technology into their lives from the help of Hino's family in the form of maps, bikes, etc.

They are a warrior tribe who hunt and cook their own food. They eat whatever they can find on the island, examples would be wild animals, bugs and mushrooms.

It is mentioned by Ginga that the tribe has no discrimination between men and women. Both men and women can choose to be warriors of the tribes.[2]

Gada WarriorsEdit

Gada Warriors are warriors who protect the village from outsiders or poachers. They are organized by the number of fangs they wear, ranging from 1 to 10, 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest. A special protecter is the Gadam who is above the 10 fangs and the symbol of the tribe.

Traditions and LawsEdit

One of Ginga's character traits is that she holds a firm belief that laws are important. The laws aren't actually absolute and set in stone among the tribe themselves. Ginga and Hino became official Gada Warriors even though a law stated that couldn't because they defeated a crocodile together. Hino also was supposed to never leave island, because of her duty as Gadam.

The village elder and many other see that Hino's family influenced them to go forward and that it was inevitable;the past Gadam foresaw the change.

References Edit

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