Jin Hayase
Kanji: 早瀬 仁
Romaji: Hayase Jin
Others: Sword Saint
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: Solder
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Motoko Gettou (Daughter)

Jin Hayase is one of Motoko's three fathers and is responsible for the creation of Fujiko.



Not much is known about Jin, as he doesn't stay in much contact with Motoko. He appears to a calm and collected individual, much like the personality he created Fujiko.

As a active mercenary he has seen and endured countless wars. He feels that his current lifestyle suits his personality best and living in peace won't suit him at all. After a battle he thought to himself of what Takezou Kuruma told him, "Takezou... you were right—I'll never be happy with a vague yet peaceful life."[1]


Jin Hayase is a master arms specialist. After Motoko's mother died, he adopted her along with two other men, Tatsuya Rukawa and Takezou Kuruma, and became partially responsible for her martial arts training. His training resulted in Motoko's mind creating another personality, Fujiko, one which specialized in bladed weapons and firearms.


Change123 Father

Hayase's first formal appearance in the manga

He along with Kannami plan the whole event involved releasing Motoko's anger personality, Zero. Jin reasons that he did so because, "Every father wants his daughter to reach her dreams".

Hayase is closely affiliated with Sora Uzuki.

Combat Abilities Edit

Jin has not be seen in combat, however as one of three father's it can be safe to say that he is a fearsome opponent. As the one who trained, Fujiko, Jin is a master in speed and the use of weaponry.

Jin has been shown carrying a sword in his appearances and a firearm when he was introduced as one of the The Three Fathers. His nickname is "Sword Saint", probably meaning that he is most proficient in swordsmanship. He was also the teacher of Anna, who Takezou Kuruma commented to have the same style as Jin himself.

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References Edit

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