Kannami's first appearance in the manga.

Kanji: -
Romaji: Kannami
Others: -
Age: approx. 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: High School Student; college graduate; government consultant
Debut (Manga): Chapter 2
None revealed

Kannami is a young genius who attends Saotome High and Kosukegawa's childhood friend.

Personality Edit

Kannami normally comes off as a cold, mysterious, and generally quiet person. He has very high intelligence and is usually found either observing people he is interested in or reading a book. He becomes interested by Motoko Gettou and her multiple personalities He has personal connections with dangerous people, in both America and Japan, though the details of how he acquired these connections is unknown. He is said to be wanted by the DARPA of the United States and NASA for unknown reasons.[1] In his childhood he was heavy influenced by Kosukegawka and his morals and views that Kosukegawa learned form the Kamen Radier series and uses that is his theories and research.


Kannami and Kosukegawa were childhood friends through elementary school, until Kannami moved to America when they were in the third grade. During his time in America, he had skipped "a few grades" and had finished high school. By the time he moved back to Japan to finish high school, he had already completed college.[2]


After Kannami meets Motoko in Chapter 2 and learns she has Dissociative Identity Disorder he takes an interest in her story and becomes her therapist. Using what he had learned about the mental disorder in college, he first advises her to write in a diary so that she might communicate with HiFuMi.

He later advises her that instead of trying to make her alters disappear, they should try more to fuse with their personalities into one person. He theorizes that Motoko should continue to receive therapy or risk gaining another personalty, perhaps even more dangerous then Zero. Kannami also suggests that Motoko might not be the original personality, and might merely exist as a "host personality", one that does all the day by day activities that Zero has locked herself away from.

Kannami is behind the plot of bringing Motoko's hidden personality out, along with Motoko's father, Jin Hayase. He reveals himself to Kouskegawa after his life or death match with Zero and flatly asks for his forgiveness.

Following the disappearance of HiFuMi Kousukegawa goes to Kannami for clues. However, at first Kannami refuses to give any information about Motoko and HiFuMi due to patient security. Seeing his desperation Kannami tells Kosukegawa about the Soe Clan run by Motoko's grandmother.

Kannami is last metioned in the series is by Fujiko who reveals that Kannami did DNA testing to find the father of Motoko and HiFuMi to be Tatsuya Rukawa.


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