Naoko Watanabe
Kanji: -
Romaji: -
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Female
Occupation: -
Debut (Manga): Chapter 38

Naoko Watanabe is a girl who Teruharu Kosukegawa mistakes for the fiancee his father sets him up with. Her family owns the Watanabe farm.


She is sought after by Kenji, a guy who is associated with a Yakuza group. The feeling is not mutual and she rejects him and lies that Kosukegawa is her man so he would leave her alone.

While shopping, she runs into men from the Yakuza and demands them to pick a cigarette they threw to the ground. One of the guys is not happy with her attitude and threatens her about what he could do to her with his power. However, this does not have any effect, as Tatsuya Rukawa uses a switch knife to cut his finger off.