Ozuma 1
Kanji: -
Romaji: -
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: High School Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 3

Ozuma is a student in Saotome High School and part of the Judo Club. He is currentely dating Osada.


In his first appearance Ozuma is confessing his feelings to Osada, who accepts them and the the two start dating. From the burst of happiness he is empowered while playing football and injures his friend, Saitou. Upset from this, Ozuma decides to take back his confession to Osada, thinking this is what caused him to stray from his goal at being best at Judo and hurt Saitou. Kouskegawa snaps that he is being ureasonable and arranges Ozuma to fight Mikiri (who is in disguise). He is outmatched by Mikiri and gives up, until Osada cheers him own by saying, "Ozuma you can do it!' Ozuma still loses to Mikiri, but he and Osada date again. He becomes Mikiri's pupil in Judo and has felt the force of Mikiri's Great Mountain Wind technique, which breaks his leg.