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Romaji: -
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Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: -
Debut (Manga): Chapter 5

Sahra is part of Ralph's team to bring out Motoko Gettou's hidden personality out along with Naada.





Sahra first appeared complaining to Naada (who came back from fighting HiFuMi) that while he was enjoying himself everyone had to pick up his slack and for that he is paying for dinner.

He, along with Ralph and Naada later hide behind a bush to observe the fight between Mikiri and the Unnamed Gigi member.

At the abandoned warehouses, he is teamed up with Naada to fight Fujiko. He assures that her friend (Kosukegawa), is not being held prisoner, which Fujiko replies that she has no choice, but to believe his words and will kill them if harm does come to Kosukegawa. [1]

He and Naada then go after Fujiko who has strategized to try to use the area as a kind of maze. Unfortunately, for her Sarah and Naada are well aware of the surrounding area and instead use that to their advantage. After Fujiko stabs Naada between his stomach muscles with the wooden sword, Sarah counters by cutting her at the side of the neck with his nail. He deduces that his cut was to shallow however. (add more later)

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Sahra has carefully trained his nails to be very durable and sharp. He uses speed based attacks with his nails to try to land fatal attacks if he hits his mark.

Also, Sarah could create a range of small cut marks that can lead to a lot blood loss that can cause vision blurriness, fainting, and can lead to a eventual death.

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