The Soe Clan is an very old ninja clan that has been keeping the peace in Japan for centuries. Sakura Gettou, who is the maternal grandmother of Motoko Gettou is the current head of the clan. Their entire existence is unknown to the public and they work in the shadows. Those who choose this lifestyle can't have any bonds outside the clan and are unable to marry. The Soe Clan is unique in the way that it is full of mostly female members. Sakura mentioned that there is only one boy in the clan.

Clan Members Edit

Sakura GettouEdit

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The head of the family and the mother of Asagi Gettou and Motoko Gettou's maternal grandmother.

Asagi Gettou Edit

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The daughter of Sakura Gettou and mother of Motoko Gettou. She left the clan and died before the story.

Motoko Gettou Edit

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The main character of Change 123. After causing Kosukegawa trouble HiFuMi decide to join the clan shortly after Motoko went currently missing. It was only temporary and Motoko returned and was allowed to leave.

Sumire Kisaragi Edit

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The current nurse for Saotome High School. She was tasked by Sakura Gettou to observe Motoko Gettou.

Sora Uzuki Edit

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Botan Tsukishima Edit

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Moegi Edit

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Anzu Edit

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