Sora Uzuki
SoraUzuki color1
Kanji: -
Romaji: -
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Female
Occupation: High School Student
Debut (Manga): -
Sumire Kisaragi (hinted to be from same family)

Sora Uzuki is from a Ninja Family that Motoko's mother use to be from.

Plot Edit

Sora heard from Botan Tsukishima that there is someone who managed to obtain "Black", a perfect level in speed, power, and defense. She was curious so went to Japan. Sora first suspected Izuru Hino to be black and fought her, but finds that Hino is not Black and Botan was wrong. After leaving the fight she hears Aizawa shout Gettou, the same last name as the family's head and sets her sights on Motoko Gettou. Sora first planned to bring "Black" out once she learned Motoko had multiple personalities. Though her attack was stopped by Sumire Kisaragi who told her to wait.

She figures out that Teruharu Kosukegawa is the key to unlocking HiFuMi, so she convinces a gang of delinquents to attack Saotome High School. This doesn't work, since Aizawa decide to accept being the Guardian of the school by defeating the delinquents.

Sora then takes a different approach and pretends to have a crush on Kosukegawa and take the same job as him. She even kisses Kosukegawa in front of Motoko/HiFuMi to get Motoko angry.

When she throws away Kosukegawa's gift for her and mocks Kosukegawa's beliefs, Hibiki is taken over by Zero. She throws her signature keys at Hibiki's head, but is caught off guard that Hibiki took her attack head on. Now open for attack Hibiki throws a powerful punch at her, which she defends with her hands, which results in the bones in her left wrist being badly broken. Despise, her injury she still clings on to her abilities and that she will be able to run away, but that doesn't work out. Hibiki catches up to her and kicks her in the stomach and leaves her to be run over by a upcoming truck. Luckily, Botan rescued her on a motorcycle in the nick of time, which makes her retort to leave her alone, but she does listen to her about taking care of her injury (though, this could be more a common sense thing). They drive off with Hibiki close on their trail to a abandoned warehouse. Hibiki throws a pipe at the wheel of the motorcycle and continues her attack on Sora. Kosukegawa arrives in time to stop her, but not without struggling to snap her out of it.

Sora is later seen recovering in a hospital and is visited by Kosukegawa. She is still disgusted by his kindness and thinks he is pitying her.

Combat Abilites Edit

Sora is consired a Green Marital Artist, which a mixture of yellow (defense) and blue (speed). She attacks uses a conceled weapon that is similar to a rope dart. It consits of a key chain that holds razor sharp keys. She is overconfident of her abilities, which can be her downfall.