Sumire Kisaragi
SumireKisaragi 1
Kanji: -
Romaji: -
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Female
Occupation: Nurse
Debut (Manga): Chapter 42
Sora Uzuki (hinted to be from same family)

Sumire Kisaragi is a member of the Soe Clan and works under the guise of the new nurse at Saotome High School. She is at the school on orders by Sakura Gettou to observe Motoko Gettou.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Sumire is a mysterious figure and not much is known about her. Because of her job as a member of the Soe Clan she is unable to carry ties outside of the family, this doesn't appear to bother her. She is aware of the sacfrices made for this job and allowed Motoko a chance to choose if she wanted to join, instead of forcing her to join. Although the exact circumnstances are unknown, Sumire once metioned that she was childhood friends with Motoko's mother, Asagi.

She has a noticeable ruthless side to her. Examples would be when she threaten Sora by sticking a needle dangerously close to her heart or when she sneaked up behind Hino and tazered her. She comments that in her workfield that one must be willing to do anything, even fight dirty.


Sumire is intoduced to be the new nurse at the begining of Motoko's and Kosukegawka's third year of high school. She immeditely gains attention from the student male body for her beauty, which has them fake illness to see her. In reality Sumire's reason for coming is to convince Motoko Gettou to join the Gettou Family.

She would later become aware of Sora Uzuki being nearby when Hino vists the nurse's office and has injuries from "keys". When Sora tries to attack Motoko to bring out black, Sumire appears behind Sora saying, "You troublesome child". She threatens Sora by inserting a needle dangerously close to her heart. It is revealed that the two are from the same family, but even so she won't tolerate Sora interfering.

At the hot springs she tells Motoko of some of her memories of Motoko's mother, Asagi Gettou, while noticing Sora is watching them close by. After the incident with Motoko nearly killing Sora she reveals herself to Motoko to be a representive for her grandmother, Sakura Gettou. Sumire gives Motoko a year to decide, because if she does join Motoko will have to severe all ties to any relationships.


Sumire's fighting ability has yet to be seen, but seeing that even Sora fears and respects her it can be assumed that she can be a dangerous opponent to cross paths with. She has been shown to have the ability to threaten someone by inserting a needle easily into someone and dangerously close to their heart.[1]She also has keen senses as she quickly sensed Sora nearby at the hot springs. Sumire is not above fighting dirty as seen when she sneaks up behind Hino and electorcuates her with a tazer.


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