Takezou Kuruma
Kanji: 車 岳蔵
Romaji: Kuruma Takezou
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: Teacher of Judo
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Motoko Gettou (Daughter)

Takezou Kuruma is one of Motoko's three fathers and is responsible for the creation of Mikiri.

Appearance Edit

Takezou is a short stout man with black hair and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

A fun loving man Takezou is laid back. He is shown to be quite a pervert to his student Anna, who he calls Anna-chan. When it comes in taking in students he will take them in, but most of them end the training early. Takezou becomes rather annoyed that Jinno gave him the responsibility to train some of his new recruits. These recruits had no idea how to hold their own in a battle. He does enjoy fighting, but doesn't think killing is fun at all.[1]

He could be a fan of the Kamen Raider series, because his first official appearance showed him wearing a Raider mask from the summer festival.


He is one of "The Three Fathers" along with Jin Hayase and Tatsuya Rukawa. He is responsible for creating Mikiri, through intense Judo training.


Takezou invites Motoko and her friend Kosukegawa to his home for the summer. When they arrive he is not home at the time, because he is at festival with his student, Anna. Wearing a Radier mask he unexpectedly pops in when Hibiki is about to lose to man from the Gada Tribe. Tazezou delivers a critical hit to his head to shake his brain, knocking him out, giving advice to Hibiki that, "If the jaws to strong, then go straight for the brain".[2]

Later he is forced to fight Anna, because she turned out to be working for Jin; one of the people behind the whole plan. Takezou faces Zero and doesn't stand that much of a chance against her. He is impressed that Motoko was able to learn so much from them. As he blacks out he tells Zero that, " Its alright, Daddy's not going to die",[3] having Zero show a sort of surprised expression. Just in time Kosukegawa catches him before he hits the ground.

After these events, Takezou Kuruma is shown staying with Motoko during New Years.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Takezou is a master of grabbling and submission, giving him the nickname, the God of Submition.

References Edit

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