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Who Is This Chick, Anyway?Edit

Current StatusEdit

It's very quiet and sleepy on this wiki. To tell the truth, I haven't been on much. I just don't feel that motivated to add stuff, even though the manga completed a couple months ago and we could add the entire plot to the wiki if we wanted. I feel like such a bad admin. Does anyone have any suggestions for what Trinia-san and I could do on this wiki next?

Bit 'Bout MeEdit

Oy, BlazingStar here! You can also call me Star-chan for short. I'm a huge anime and manga fan- a proud otaku.

I really love the Change 1-2-3 manga and think it's a unique way to have a person with DID as the main character. I'm reading the Change 1-2-3 manga over again to help this wiki out as much as possible. When I discovered this wiki- let's see, at the very beginning of May '10 I believe- I was so excited, because this is a manga I love very much! Not because I'm a perv, though. I'm a girl. >.>

I think it's sad that the Change 1-2-3 manga doesn't get much recognition, though. Having a wiki can help with that- you have no idea how much.

Me on Other WikisEdit

I am a user on two other wikis. I'm an admin on the Hellsing Wiki, and I dabble a bit on the Bleach Wiki. (The Bleach Wiki is already too awesome for me to help much, though. >.<)

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Change 123 (manga). It's a good quality article.
  • Hibiki. That picture's mine! I actually edited everything else out of it to show just her.
  • Fujiko. Just because it's Fujiko. I really like Fujiko.
  • Motoko. Another good quality article.
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