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    What if...?

    August 9, 2010 by BlazingStar

    Wow, Trinia-san's been making great progress around here! Creating articles, an' adding pictures, and filling in content...I feel like such an incompetent admin compared to her. Please excuse me while I go and sulk in a corner.


    Done now.

    That being said, I recently went to go see the film Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. I am a sucker for action/suspense movies, especially with chicks who kick butt, and man, was this that kind of movie! It had little plot (this was me most of the movie: "Whose side is she on again???" -confused face-) but a good 80% of the film was Angelina Jolie kicking butt. And when I say butt was kicked, I mean butt was kicked. Angelina was breaking bones, smashing faces in, making homemade bombs, shooting enemies…

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  • BlazingStar

    Following my example at the Hellsing Wiki, I've decided to start a Wikia blog. This first blog entry shall document The Beginning of it All.

    Alright, so that's a bit of a misnomer. It's not the "beginning", since I've been here since early May, and have made a bunch of edits since then.

    But as of today, I officially have adminship of this place, along with Trinia-san! So I can say that it's the start of my involvement with this wiki. Not to mention with summer coming up, I should have a bit more time to fully re-read the Change-123 manga like I've been wanting to.

    They say with great power comes great responsibility. I get that. And coupled with my previous admin experience at the Hellsing Wiki, working here on the Change 123 Wiki with Trinia…

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