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That being said, I recently went to go see the film Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. I am a sucker for action/suspense movies, especially with chicks who kick butt, and man, was this that kind of movie! It had little plot (this was me most of the movie: "Whose side is she on again???" -confused face-) but a good 80% of the film was Angelina Jolie kicking butt. And when I say butt was kicked, I mean butt was kicked. Angelina was breaking bones, smashing faces in, making homemade bombs, shooting enemies with whatever firearm happened to be close by, and blowing stuff up. It was just awesome.

Then the movie ended, I left the theater, and went home. But once I went up to my room, it hit me that Salt was remarkably similar to Asagi Gettou. (Explanation coming later.) Salt is a spy, in a line of dangerous work, but she has a man who loves her. He isn't aware of most of her activities; she tells him she's a spy once, but he doesn't care and loves her anyway. She's happy with him.

Salt and her German husband once have a conversation about starting a family together. He asks her a "What do you think about having kids?" kind of question, and she balks because it's stupid in general for a spy to have a kid, in case s/he gets taken hostage. Salt tells this to her husband. He says he and their child could move somewhere secret. Salt refuses. They never bring up the topic again.

In one of the most recent chapters of the Change 123 manga, it is revealed that Takezou Kuruma loved Asagi Gettou, Motoko's mother. We haven't confirmed that he was Motoko's father, but we know that he had a big crush on Asagi. Now, what if a conversation between them went something like this: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

KURUMA: I love you, Asagi-san.

ASAGI: I love you too, but I can't be in a relationship. The stuff I do is dangerous.

KURUMA: You might not believe it because I'm such a nice guy, but I'm really good with mixed martial arts. I think I can keep up with danger.

ASAGI: Alright, maybe you can. But what if I settle down with you? What if we have a kid together? What if one of the Gettou family's old enemies come looking for us?

KURUMA: Then I'll train the child myself, so that she'll be able to handle anything that comes at him or her.

ASAGI: But what if one sensei isn't enough? What if the child needs two teachers, or three...


ASAGI: Nothing. You think you can really teach our child to be strong, Takezou-san?

KURUMA: You're the woman I love, Asagi-san. I'd do anything for you and our child.

ASAGI: Alright, then. You've convinced me. I'll settle down with you.


ASAGI: ...but no fighting in the house!


Now, what if it went something like that? Only things ended up not going as planned; Asagi either slept with Kuruma, but didn't keep her promise to marry him, or slept with Kuruma, Jin, and Tatsuya, and they didn't know which one was the father, so they all taught and raised Motoko? This theory is starting to make sense the more I think about it.

Post Script: Damn, this is a long post. -sweatdrop- Sorry.